Word File Editor/Viewer

Word File Editor/Viewer is a state-of-the-art "visual" component for presenting Word documents to a user in their web browser. Try it here.

It enables you to "just add editing" to your document-centric web application, and if you want, to customize the user's experience with a deeper integration.

Your Word document is displayed natively, without conversion to HTML and back, so it retains its integrity.

With Native Documents, you get the best of both worlds: on the one hand, native support for Microsoft's Word format and layout, and on the other, state of the art technology which works the way you do. Don't compromise!

Features and Benefits

Business user friendly

  • high fidelity paginated Word document layout, ideal for contracts and other legal and business documents
  • distraction-free UI keeps the focus on your application
  • change tracking (and complete audit trail)
  • Word comments (and API)
  • designed to handle long documents

Flexible integration

  • easy deployment (via docker-compose) to AWS or Azure
  • simple integration (from Javascript, Java, .NET, Python, PHP etc)
  • customisable UI (using React)
  • NLP/AI pipeline: extract text for natural language processing, then insert annotations as Word comments
  • PDF output

Next Steps

First, please try your own document(s) online, to satisfy yourself that we can help.

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