docx-wasm is Native Documents' new general purpose library for working with Word documents in Node.js, including converting to PDF. Get it from NPM.

For more on why we built this, please see this blog post.

docx-wasm is layout-aware, that is, it is able to layout Word documents like Word does.

docx-wasm can handle both the modern docx file format, and the legacy binary ".doc" file format.

With Native Documents, you get the best of both worlds: on the one hand, native support for Microsoft's Word format and layout, and on the other, state of the art technology which works the way you do. Don't compromise!

Layout fidelity

Page layout model matches Word's.

PDF Conversion

Word file (.doc and .docx) to PDF conversion


runs locally where installed (ie your Word documents stay in your environment)


Extract text for NLP; inject annotations as Word comments.


self-contained NPM module (no dependency on LibreOffice or Microsoft Word).

AWS Lambda ready

Deploy as a function for scalability and efficiency


Free plan


  • 300 export operations per month
  • 50 page limit per document
  • fonts as included via NPM
  • community support channels


Contact Us

  • no limit on number of API operations
  • process long documents
  • offline license check
  • optional native module
  • priority commercial support

Get Started

Grab a developer key, then head over to NPM or Amazon's serverless application repository.