We have main 2 products to help you as a developer get your job done:

the "visual" component for presenting Word documents to a user in their web browser

an NPM module for manipulating Word documents in Node.js

Enabling Document Applications for the AI-generation

The new generation of Chrome-based applications - both on the web and the desktop (via Electron) - together with a renaissance in AI, are fuelling a new breed of document-centric applications, built for the browser.

Native Documents supplies the Word document layout which makes such applications possible.

We're a great fit for your modern application development initiatives, whether this involves Docker, AWS Lambda or deep integration via Javascript (eg node.js, react, web assembly).

Our products all share a common code base. What this means is that improvements we make to that code typically enhance all products at once. And since we're not doing things twice, development velocity is higher and costs are lower, assuring you of a steady stream of exciting new features.

Key use cases

Our software helps you to deliver applications across the document lifecycle, from document creation (docgen) right through to signature and retention/archiving (PDF/A).

Typical applications include:

contract lifecycle and dealroom applications

NLP/AI: annotate a document with results from your natural language processing smarts

document review/approval (support for Word comments and track changes)

technical writing/publishing: present customised instruction manuals

document automation (docgen): template authoring

reporting applications

workflow applications

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